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Discount from 20%to 40% -

To get discount up to 40% for all products directly from the Company VISION International People Group,please install the application 



Step 1


Download and install

Sessia application for free

by following this links

or find Sessia app in store

on your device

Step 2








Select application language if asked

then choose your country enter your phone number

then press Continue





message will arrive shortly with

a 4-digit verification code on the

phone number you provided

enter the code you received

then a new  registration form will open.  








Step 3










Press New Registration

Step 4

Enter this code provided



Or you can scan the QR code













Step 5









Fill in your details



Your Email

And place you live in


After registration, a message will appear about the "Subscription fee" - do not pay attention, there is no need for a subscription fee for orders of VISION products in the Sessia store !!! It is only needed to pay for calls through the Session, view reports. Just close this message with a cross in the upper right corner.

Step 6

Choose a store and country of delivery .Press the"Store" button -  icon at the bottom of the screen.In the upper right corner, click the "gear" and select the store you want.

  • VISION - Europe: prices in euro, delivery in the European Union and UK.

  • VISION - Europe (Other Countries): prices in euro, delivery to the United States, Canada, Israel, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Norway, Switzerland, Mongolia, China, Australia, Iraq and other countries.

  • In VISION store - Europe (Other Countries) price without European VAT

  • VISION - Bulgaria: prices are in euros.

  • In 2019 will be  open offices in India

  • VISION - Russia: prices in rubles, delivery in Russia, to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia. 

  • VISION - Ukraine:  prices in hryvnia, self-pickup + delivery in Ukraine. 

Step 7

Go to catalogue and start shopping.

Discount is considered automatically

* CV  is  the unit of commodity turnover of Vision products in points for wholesale buyers. Each product has its own points - CV database. In contrast to the constantly changing exchange rates,  product CV do not change.  Therefore, in each country,Vision products  have the same value in the CV. These conventional units are used for placing orders at a discount, accruing bonuses and commissions.

The cost of each product in the CV listed in the price list and in the Session next to the price of products .

The store in the catalogue shows the full (retail) price.

But as the product is added to the cart, it is automatically recalculated there, taking into account the discount:

from 47.5 CV ( approximately 102 EUR) - 20%; 

from 95 CV    ( approximately 204 EUR) - 30%; 

From 190 CV (approximately 408 EUR)  - 40%; 

from 475 CV  ( 1000 EUR)  - 40% + free of charge for 95 CV (approximately 122 EUR )

If you have questions about the delivery time, payment and location of your order - write your question in the "headphones" (support service)

Price List for Europe and UK