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SV helps to restore normal metabolism, thereby eliminating the main cause of excess weight. Thanks to its perfectly balanced formula, it accelerates metabolism to a level that provides intensive burning of fats and their processing into energy. Slows down the conversion of carbohydrates to fats and removes them from the body.

Properties of  "SV":

  • Normalises metabolism.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Enhances the effect of diets.
  • It reduces appetite, including cravings for flour and sweets.
  • Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Optimises thyroid function
  • Effective for thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, atherosclerosis
  • Increases immunity, normalizes arterial and intracranial pressure
  • Helps to normalise sugar-insulin balance
  • Effective in inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, with dysbiosis
  • Supports the functions of the endocrine system, regulates its work
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Provides radioprotective and detoxifying effects, including excretion of heavy metals from the body, including lead, mercury and radionuclides.
  • Promotes scarring of wounds and ulcers.
  • Prevents fragility and permeability of capillaries.
  • Provides immunomodulatory effect.
  • Supports the activity of the cardiovascular system. Helps reduce cardiovascular disease.


Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia extract, Fucus vesiculosus powder (Fucus vesiculosus), Vitamin C, green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis), chromium picolinate.

Recommended as a biologically active food supplement - a source of hydroxycitric acid, caffeine, catechins, an additional source of iodine, vitamin C, chromium.


  • · Restores metabolism.

    · Reduces appetite and dulls hunger.

    · Enhances the effect of diets.

    · Normalizes the digestion process.

    · Regulates the function of the endocrine system.