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Normalizes metabolism, helps lose weight.


Sveltform+ deals with a major cause for gaining weight—normalises metabolism at the cellular level. Ultimately balanced formula helps activate metabolism up to the exact degree that would facilitate intensive fat burning and transformation into energy. It slows down the process of turning of carbohydrates into fats, removing them from the body. Precludes retention of liquids in the body, diminishes edema. It helps reduce appetite, craving for sweets and pastry, enhances the effect of diets, decreases blood sugar and cholesterol.


Recommended as a biologically active food supplement for those who want to regulate their body weight, an additional source of vitamin C, chromium, iodine, and hydroxycitric acid.


Manufactured by: Laboratories Arkopharma,France.


    • Those who suffer from excessive weight as a result of metabolic disorders;
    • Those whose nutrition is ill-balanced or those who lead sedentary life-style;
    • Those who observe diets to speed up the process of weight loss.



    Recommended for adults to take 2 capsules per day during meals with glass of water.

    Product form:(60 capsules)

    Net waight:30g

    Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 25 C) in a dry place out of reach of children.

    Shelf life: 3 years